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surpresa da teté Agosto 21, 2008

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surpresa da tete

Hoje recebi esta surpresa da Teté. Ultimamente tenho recebido mais coisas para a Sara e fui surpreendida por estas prendinhas só para mim 😀
Lencinho dos namorados, principezinho, porquinhos, coisas roxas, teicidinhos e uma fada, enfim, coisas que fazem uma jacky feliz 🙂


spring pincushions swap Março 26, 2008

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spring pincushions mosaic 2
1. spring crochet pincushion, 2. spring pincushions from namolio, 3. WIP cross stitch pincushions, 4. more pincushions

spring pincushions mosaic

1. vaide spring pincushion, 2. Igobylorib spring pincushion, 3. spring pincushions from jacky, 4. 5 things spring pincushion from headnet, 5. 5 spring pincushions from galinha maria, 6. 5 things pincushion swap, 7. 5 things spring pincushions from miniature quilter, 8. daisy pincushion, 9. butterflies pincushion, 10. spring pincushion, 11. spring pincushion from Nathr3, 12. 5 things spring pincushion from rita katita, 13. spring pincushions from Orit

Spring pincushion swap made at the five things group that I gladly hosted!


extra happy day crafternoon tea swap Fevereiro 15, 2008

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extra from linhas

Here are all the goodies that Claudia sent to me for the crafternoon tea swap which had as them: the extra happy day 🙂
She really made my day for sure 🙂

extra happy

There is a new swap on the Crafternoon Tea Swap group: an Extra Happy Day Swap!


Valentine cards swap Fevereiro 14, 2008

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valentine card swap

At the 6 first photos are the cards I sent…

I got this precious Vintage Valentine Card from Kris (collagecontessa) and it was so beautiful! I think my partners have made much better than me with the valentine cards. They are truly artists and mine were just OK… 😦

Here is my second vintage valentine card swap. I was really spoilt by creative muse! The envelope was open and I hope everything is here. I love the chocolates, the vintage images and the very very beautiful card she made for me.
Thanks too much Creative muse!
Anyway I loved to be on this swap. Thank you so much!


FAA birthday presents received & sent Janeiro 20, 2008

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FAA BD november

FAA fabrics present sent to baby november

FAA BD from starlit nest

I got this nice flower fabric from Starlit Nest aka Allison. Thank you so much! I’ve been a spoiled girl.

FAA BD from Nanuch

I was a very spoiled FAA lucky girl! The day of my birthday I got this wonderful gift from Nanuch! Thank you so much. It is precious!

FAA BD from Cris

I’m a very lucky girl because I got another present from the FAA group and this time it is from Cristina/headnet72 bordados e companhia

FAA BD from gato

Tomorow it’s my birthday but I already got a present from the FAA group generously sent by gato dependente 🙂

FAA BD gato

Here is what I sent to Gato Dependente for her birthday.

FAA BD memmu

Here is what I sent to Memmu for her birthday.


gift from Memmu

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gift from memmu

Sorry Memmu I took a picture of the beautiful things you sent me and I can’t find it. I thought I already published it but I didn’t. At home it has been a mess because there is always someone at home, something to do, I can’t sleep, so I forget to do things. I’m really sorry.
In fact I really loved it because I wasn’t expecting anything and it was a great surprise. The little handmade tree you made me was on my christmas tree with much care and friendship and I loved the way you gave me something without waiting something in return. It’s good to have friends like this 🙂


4 handmade fairies swap Janeiro 13, 2008

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fairies from all

Here are the beautiful fairies that the girls (always joy, funky luke, mettalyptica and cats or dog) in the swap sent me.
I will buy the boxes today and I hope to send it tomorrow.

fairies from cats or dog

I got the 4 fairies swap from cats or dog. Here they are!

fairies from jacky

I’m hosting a fairy swap on the 5 things group and here are my 4 things fot the girls 🙂
The design is by Elodie Nouhen. I made the fairy wings and the rubber stamping.

fairies from metallyptica

I aldo had the 4 things of mettalyptica for the fairies swap. i’m just so curious about what the other girls are sending 🙂