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feitas à mão pela Jacky

goodies from Maria Julho 31, 2009

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sara clothes from maria

Thanks Maria. You are such a good friend! I think Sara will look lovely on her new clothes! The pigs are so cute 😀

goodies from maria

I didn’t had the little prince in spanish and now here it is! The Barcelona pen is for Mario. The caramels are for all and the pig is for me 😀

Thanks so much Maria for being there when I need. Your friendship is the best gift I could have!


surprise gift from Lori

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gift from lori

Thanks a lot Lori for this great surprise! I loved the cards and the magnet is already on my fridge! The yarn is great and the hooks(?) are huge! It was very nice of you to surprise me with this beautiful gift!
How cute is the black pig? 😀


berlindes e mar Julho 10, 2009

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berlindese mar

Na minha casa de banho.


mimos da stephe Julho 2, 2009

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mimos da stephe

A minha máquina pirou e tive de tirar a foto com o telemóvel, isto é, acho que preciso de fazer anos a ver se me dão uma máquina nova 😀
Ganhei o sorteio dos marcadores da Stephe e ela, além do marcador, encheu-me de mimos! Embora não se veja bem na foto, delirei completamente com os malabars que eram as chicletes (pastilhas no sul) que comia quando era pequenina! Obrigada minha querida Stephe!