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4 handmade typical things Maio 28, 2008

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typical from jacky

Matchboxes with azulejos drawing of the typical boat of Douro’s river where the port wine was carried some years ago, for the 4 handmade typical swap that metallyptica is hosting

typical swap

Here what I received from this swap hosted by Metallyptica.
Thank you girls, I just love postcards. I collect them since I’m 10 years old and I have about 7000 in my collection from all over the world. 🙂
The envelope arrived open so I hope everything is there anyway 🙂


Presentes da Oh so Cute!

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oh so cute

Presentes da Oh so Cute! pela troca gatos, corações e Primavera.

Gifts I got from Oh so Cute! for the hearts, cats and spring swap.


porta-guardanapos Maio 17, 2008

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I hadn’t a napkin holder at home and it would be an insult to my craft habilities to buy one, isn’t it? So today I made one…

Não tinha um porta-guardanapos aqui em casa e seria um insulto às minhas habilidades manuais comprar um, não seria? Então fiz um esta tarde…