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Mosaico do amor… Janeiro 8, 2008

Filed under: Scrapbooking — jacky @ 10:16 am

Porque daqui a nada já é tempo de Valentines…

1. Love is in the air, 2. Love’s Portrait, 3. STOP! in the name of LOVE, 4. Love, 5. a love universal, 6. Tulips in Love …, 7. Love Drops, 8. Disabled in love, Paris 06.jpg, 9. Box o’ Love, 10. If Only Humans Can Show Such Love and Tenderness….., 11. All You Need Is Love!!!!, 12. Love is…the only nourishment they need to grow, 13. My Love, Where Art Thou?, 14. Love is all around…, 15. Recipe for Valentine’s Breakfast, 16. Banksy love, 17. How you laughed when I cried each time I saw the tide takes our love letters from the sand…, 18. Sweeter Love, 19. I guess this is love, 20. i love flickr, 21. Love to love, 22. Love me tender…., 23. did you ever love somebody like I love you…, 24. Love makes the world go round.. [by Madonna] Happy Valentines day!, 25. lOve iS, 26. I love YoU, 27. Soul Love, 28. Queen of Love, 29. true love whaits, 30. The Love Cat, 31. Love Boat Captain, 32. Love is…, 33. All You Need Is Love…, 34. I Love “U”.., 35. Yay, Family Love! For Mom and Dad, 36. he loves me/he loves me not.


One Response to “Mosaico do amor…”

  1. Pat Says:

    Olá Jackie!

    Tens tuda a razão!
    Que 2008 te traga muito Amor!


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